World Environment Day

Saturday June 5th, marks World Environment day. The theme this year is about regeneration and there a number of online and in person events being held. 

With many businesses returning to offices and sites all requireing additional equipment, processes and PPE, it is vital now more than ever, to be aware of the impact that our businesses have on the environment. 

Using Environmental Management Systems

The Environmental Management Standard BS EN ISO 14001 sets out the principles for establishing an effective Environmental Management System. A key element of the standard is the identification of the Environmental Aspects and Impacts of the business.

This requires businesses to undertake a review of their operations to identify where there could be an effect on the local and wider environment, such as emissions, energy use, and waste generation. Next, the business needs to decide what they will do to mitigate or reduce the environmental impact.

So, how is this done in practice?

As with the Health and Safety aspects of business operations, everything starts with a Risk Assessment. Identifying the most significant environmental ‘risks’ presented by the business allows for prioritization of actions to mitigate the impact.

Putting your plan into action  

Once the business has identified what it plans to do, the next step is to put the plan into action and start monitoring the effectiveness. To do this, a simple but effective means of communicating requirements and collecting data is critical to success.

Next Steps 

If you are keen to standard some or all of the key elements listed above, why not speak to our of our team today to find out how Riskd can help you implement and maintain effective Management System?

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