Increase efficiency and reliability by demonstrating compliance

How do you demonstrate compliance?

All organisations need to demonstrate compliance at some point, the challenge is to efficiently collect the required documented evidence. That’s where Riskd can help.

It’s about analytics, isn’t it?

Reports. Analytics. Data. Having useful, meaning information can help identify areas of non conformance or spot patterns of causation. Analytics combined with qualitative information provided by front-line workers provides an essential, well rounded view.

analytics simple

A spotlight on how you do things?

It can sometimes feel like ISO, Achilles or internal audits put a spotlight on how you do things; or even customer requirements stipulating the processes or working practices you should have in place. What ever the reason, Riskd can help you demonstrate compliance.

Areas of compliance

Health & Safety

The need for Health & Safety compliance has never been greater. Looking for a way to ensure best practice is consistent across your business? Then we can help. 


The Health & Safety at Work Act, Data Protection Act, GDPR, Risk Assessments for businesses with more than 5 employees are just some examples of legislation you may need to adhere to. 

Customer Requirements

Do your prospective customers require you to have specific certifications, accreditations or processes in place to consider working with you?

Employee Competence

How do you manage your employee training & competence records? How do you define a “competent person”?

ISO Standards

We have experience in achieving and maintaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 > ISO 45001 and ISO27001. 

Evidence Capture

Collate and combine photos, documents, procedures, standards, permits, checklists and completed forms whilst out onsite in real time

Let's Work Together!

To explore how Riskd can help you achieve or manage your compliance needs, get in touch with one of our team today.