Risk Assessment


Combine standardised templates with

dynamic onsite factors

Risk Assessment on multiple devices

Easily share with your teams & customers

Provide real-time access within the app or export to PDF and provide copies to customers or supply chain partners. Define team leaders, team members, relevant customer and site information.


Check & record control measures on site

Using the RISKD dynamic Risk Assessment function, enable your teams to check and record control measures, and capture evidence of control measures in place, reducing levels of risk.

Onsite hazards

Enhanced Risk Assessment

Using the RISKD “WorkPacks” approach, you can combine Risk Assessments with other safety critical documents, such as Method Statements, Permits, Checklists, Maintenance Records and Operating Procedures.

Create re-usable templates with dynamic data capture

Create required templates once and re-use many times. Combined with the ability to update with dynamic onsite factors, you can review and update Risk Assessments as needed. 

Fully version controlled templates that allow you to keep up to date with regulatory requirements, as result of an incident, or to align with your business’s continuous improvement model.

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