Training & Competence Management


Monitor, review & identify skills Gaps across 

Safety, Technical & Behavioural Frameworks 

Define training requirements as unique as your teams

  • Identify skills gaps for employees and workers
  • Create personalised training paths
  • Locate niche skills across the business
  • Start succession planning

Align your requirements to external frameworks

Whether you want to simply track employee training & refresher dates, training certificate expiry or a fully fledged competency framework,  we have a solution for you.

Align to national occupational standards, IoSH competency framework(s) (as shown), NeBOSH, CiTB, ORR, NVQ, City & Guilds frameworks or use your own in house set of standards.


Maximise your training budget

Identify current skills gaps within your organisation and plan for future training needs with our predictive modelling. Identify your training needs over the coming months and years.

Our unique skills finder, can help you identify any skills gaps for each employee and your organisation as well as evidence employee competence.

Demonstrate competence to complete assigned tasks


 When it comes to projects with multiple parties, organisations who take on the role of Principal Contractor need to demonstrate that they have processes in place to ensure all workers are competent to undertake their assigned tasks.

If you needed to find a crane operator, who was also an Emergency First Aider and was trained to work in confined spaces, how long would that take? What if you had 11 different depots with 50 employees in each?


Competence Report Small

Our unique Skills Finder can help you identify employees who have all of these skills AND those employees who have some, if not all, ready to offer them training for future projects.

Are you still using paper folders or managing dozens of spreadsheets to keep track of all of your employee training? If so, why not speak to out of our advisors to find out how the Riskd Competency Management System can help you with progression planning, annual training budgets and providing evidence of training to your customers.

Let's Work Together!

To explore how Riskd can help you manage training and competence for your employees and workers, get in touch with our team today.